New York, NY, USA

Congratulations to:

Division A MVP Kevin Odenwalder of Stuytown A scoring 9 out of 11
Division B MVP Eric Kennedy of Kingsmen B scoring 5.5 out of 7

Best rating improvement by Jaswinder Singh of Citi Knights: +54 points; 4.74% gain; 3 games played

Division Winners Playoff Winners
A Team Wu (Pi) Team Wu (Pi)

BKingsmen B Kingsmen B

Welcome to BAL Chess
2018\19 season

     The Bankers Athletic League is New York City’s premier recreational chess league.  We play chess using a team format, on alternate Thursday evenings from October through May.   After two rounds of play-offs, trophies are awarded at a league dinner.

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Want a game?

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In Memoriam: Robert James Fischer
3/9/1943 - 1/17/2008

  • Attained IM rank and won the U.S. Championship at age 14
  • Attained Grandmaster rank at age 15
  • Eight-Time U.S. Champion (including an 11-0 score in 1963-64)
  • Won the quarter-final and semi-final matches for the world championship by scores of 6-0
  • Eleventh World Chess Champion, 1972-75
  • Lifetime Tournament and Match Score: +439 -88 =250 (72.6%)

Who was better?     Some information and games here.

GM Robert Fischer
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